Porvorim policeman gets bail on technical grounds

A policeman, resident of police quarters, Provorim was recently granted conditional bail by JMFC, Mapusa. He was charged under several bailable sections of the IPC and Section 452, which is non-bailable and punishable with imprisonment up to seven years and a fine.

The policeman and his wife have been instructed by the court not to visit the police quarters at Porvorim until the chargesheet is filed.

The order also stated that the policeman’s wife shall not visit Porvorim for 120 days commencing 1 April, when the order was passed. The policeman can only visit Porvorim for the purpose of making himself present at the police station to assist the investing

The policeman was accused of trespassing into the residence the girl victim and threatening her. The victim’s lawyer claimed in court that he had molested her. The investigating officer, while opposing bail said the accused “has multiple criminal cases pending against him and was previously involved in crimes of a similar nature”.

The accused policeman was denied bail in the same case, but was released as the arrest had been effected without giving notice, which was made mandatory by the Supreme Court.

In the present case the victim was allowed to intervene in the proceedings and have her say in the matter.






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