Two Karnataka natives convicted of murdering brother

Two brother, Hiru and Taru Chawan, were recently convicted by Additional Sessions Court of Panaji sitting at Ponda, of the charge of murdering their brother on 18 November, 2011.

According to the prosecution, the duo went to the residence of their brother, Thawru Chawan  at Ashewada, Bethoda around 7.45 pm armed with a knife and after an altercation over money, stabbed him to death.

The murder was committed in the presence of the deceased’s wife, Sushila, who turned out to be the star witness for the prosecution.

Both the brothers, originally from Karnataka, in their statement to the police, admitted that they had gone to Thawru’s house and that an altercation broke out, but denied murdering him.

However, the duo could not explain how blood stains of the deceased were found on their clothes and how they came to be in possession of the knife which was also stained with blood.

Also, the owner of the shop told the court that that knife which was used in the murder was purchased by Hiru and he identified the murder weapon.

Taru, the second accused, tried to wriggle out by stating that the fight broke out between the deceased and Hiru while he stood outside. However, the evidence provided by Sushila who clearly stated that Taru caught her husband from the back while Hiru stabbed him thrice – in the neck, chest and back, nailed them.

Hiru was arrested after a chase by the Ponda police, which took them to Anmod ghat. There on learning for a bus passenger that one person had alighted from the bus, they continued their search in the jungle and arrested Hiru. The second accused was picked up from behind ITI college. Both had blood stains on their clothes.

Advocate E Fernandes represented Hiru Chawan while Adv A Gaonkar represented Taru Chawan. Public Prosecutor Satyawan Dessai represented the State. The judgement was delivered on 30 March.


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