Fatal accident: Motorcyclist was rash, says acquitted bus driver

Jose Lobo, who was accused of driving a Kadamba Transport Corporation bus in a rash and negligent manner and causing the death of a two-wheeler rider, was recently acquitted of the charges by JMFC, Pernem.

According to the prosecution, on 10 December, 2016, around 7.10 pm, the bus driven by the accused struck a Bajaj Pulsar motorcycle which was dragged for 43 metres from the point of impact. The accident occurred near Mahadev Temple, Ugvem, Pernem.

The rider Omkar Kulkarni sustained severe injuries and died on the way to primary health centre, Parcem.

Lobo did not deny that he was driving the bus but stated that he was at a slow speed when the motorcycle, which was being ridden in a rash and negligent manner, struck the bus on the right side.

With no witness to the accident the prosecution failed to prove the case against Lobo. The judgement noted, “besides the sketch and the panchanama there is no other material evidence to confirm the point of impact at the scene of the accident.”

“There is nothing on record even to remotely suggest that the Kadamba bus was being driven in a rash and negligent manner and as such while overtaking or over-speeding had dashed the motorcycle,” the judgement stated.

Advocate P Shahapurkar represented the accused while Assistant Public Prosecutor appeared or the State. The judgement was delivered on 1 April.

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